Wise and still fun

As a colleague I have known Michael Gootee for over a decade. If someone is wise, they are also often pretty serious. But what you get with Michael is a great mix of practical wisdom and a love of the human condition that makes him fun to work with. He does not take sides, and knows how to care for a relationship. He also has great empathy for people, so he never judges and offers useful ways to understand ourselves. Finally, he is never done learning and so stays current with the fields of counseling and marriage/family work.

William Thiele, PhD, LPC, Pastoral Counselor/Spiritual Director

Respected colleague

Mike is a colleague that I’ve known over 10 years. He is genuine, compassionate, and competent. It was great to have some time to network with him at the recent LCA Conference in New Orleans!

Cindy Nardini, LPC, LMFT

Professional, Competent, and Knowledgeable

I have known Michael Gootee for approximately 20 years as a fellow counselor. I have been on committees with him, observed his dedication, professional interactions, and have made several referrals to him in his counseling practice. I would highly recommend him as an excellent counselor for individuals and couples. He is knowledgeable of the best practices in counseling and most especially he has a manner of interaction with clients that is respectful and accepting. Given his experience, he is capable of handling delicate issues in a way that can be helpful if clients are willing to accept the challenges of moving forward in their lives. I highly recommend Michael Gootee in his professional practice.

Paul Ceasar, Ed.D, LPC

I’d not hesitate to use Mike myself!

I have known Mike Gootee for years as a professional and as a friend and trusted colleague! I supervised Mike’s early work as a marital therapist, and have worked closely with him as a consultant over the years.

Walt Ehrhardt, Ed.D, LPC, LMFT